Flowise Corporate

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Flowise Corporate makes it possible for large water and/or energy consumers to identify measures for improving water and energy efficiency through the analysis of consumption patterns and historical data, while also providing for operating costs to be reduced.

How does it work?

Connection and communication


Communication with telemetry equipment (or others).

Data import and analysis


The data are imported and analysed on the Flowise Corporate platform, generating consumption patterns.

Identification of anomalous situations


Flowise Corporate automatically identifies anomalous situations such as leaks, excessive consumption or failure of measuring equipment.

Current and historical data


Current and/or historical data can be checked intuitively on the web app.

Indicators and metrics


Checking indicators and metrics calculated to help improve water and energy efficiency.

Flowise Corporate


Cost reduction with optimised water and energy consumption

Reduction of the impact of leaks and anomalies

More operational efficiency

Promotion of water efficiency

Promotion of energy efficiency

Organisation performance assessment

Sector benchmarking of water consumption

Adoption of environmentally sustainable behaviour

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